apache httpclient tutorial

Apache HttpClient Tutorial

Http client is a transfer library. It resides on the client side, sends and receives Http
messages. It provides up to date, feature-rich, and an efficient implementation which meets the recent Http standards.


This tutorial has been prepared for the beginners to help them understand the concepts of Apache HttpClient library.


Before you start practicing various types of examples given in this reference, we assume that you already have knowledge in Java programming. And, having knowledge of Http protocol concepts helps in understanding this tutorial better.

Table of Contents
1.apache httpclient tutorial

2.apache httpclient overview

3.apache httpclient environment setup

4.apache httpclient http get request

5.apache httpclient http post request

6.apache httpclient response handlers

7.apache httpclient closing connection

8.apache httpclient aborting a request

9.apache httpclient interceptors

10.apache httpclient user authentication

11.apache httpclient using proxy

12.apache httpclient proxy authentication

13.apache httpclient formbased login

14.apache httpclient cookies management

15.apache httpclient multiple threads

16.apache httpclient custom ssl context

17.apache httpclient multipart upload

18.apache httpclient quick guide

19.apache httpclient useful resources

20.discuss apache httpclient

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