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elasticsearch modules

Application Programming Interface (API) in web is a group of function calls or other programming instructions to access the software component in that particular web application. For example, Facebook API helps a developer to create applications by accessing data or other functionalities from Facebook; it can be date of birth or status update. Elasticsearch provides …

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elasticsearch useful resources

This framework collects all the data selected by the search query. This framework consists of many building blocks, which help in building complex summaries of the data. The basic structure of aggregation is presented below − “aggregations” : { “<aggregation_name>” : { “<aggregation_type>” : { <aggregation_body> } [,”meta” : { [<meta_data_body>] } ]? [,”aggregations” : …

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elasticsearch mapping

In this section, we will add some index, mapping and data to Elasticsearch. This data will be used in the examples explained in this tutorial. Create Index PUT http://localhost:9200/schools Request Body It can contain index specific settings, but for now, it is empty for default settings. Response {“acknowledged”: true} (This means index is created) Create …

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