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Linting is the process of flagging suspicious constructs and likely to be bugs in any programming language. Sublime Linter is the package of Sublime Text that helps you to perform linting in Sublime. It helps in creating files in different modes for the manipulation of code base. It is not an in built package and …

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Sublime Text editor includes shortcuts and methods for manipulating the output. This chapter discusses in detail about these shortcuts with the help of suitable illustrations. Opening the Command Palette Command palette in Sublime Text editor includes options for installing packages and console. The shortcut key for this purpose is Ctrl+Shift+P for Windows and Cmd+Shift+P for …

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Snippets are the smart templates which can be reused whenever needed. Sublime text editor includes snippets feature for HTML templates. In this chapter, you will learn about them in detail. Understanding Snippets Snippets are simple XML supported files with various attributes. They include an extension called sublime-snippet. The root tag of XML element will be …

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The following resources contain additional information on Sublime Text. Please use them to get more in-depth knowledge on this topic. Useful Links on Sublime Text Sublime Text Wiki − Wikipedia Reference for Sublime Text. Sublime Text − Official Website of Sublime Text. Table of Contents 1.sublime text tutorial 2.sublime text introduction 3.sublime text installation 4.sublime …

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