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Batch processing in Sublime Text also refers to Build systems. Build systems helps user to run files through external programs such as make, tidy and interpreters. The following points are worth notable while working with Build systems − They are JSON files and have the extension .sublime-build. To initiate the build process, you can select …

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Distraction Free Mode in Sublime Text editor allows displaying the code and files full screen. You can enter distraction free mode via option View → Enter distraction mode menu item. Once the distraction mode is enabled in the Sublime Text editor, the output will be visible as below − All UI chrome accessible items are …

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Sublime Text editor is supported by the following major operating systems − Windows Linux and its distributions OS X You can download Sublime Text from its official website − www.sublimetext.com In this chapter, you will learn about the installation of Sublime Text on various operating systems. Installation on Windows You will have to go follow …

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