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Code editors allow the users to edit the code scripts and text documents with various shortcut keys. In this chapter, let us understand through various examples about editing options of first text document in Sublime Text.

Simultaneous Write-Up

In this example, you will see how to add print statements at two locations.

Step 1 − Consider the first script of Python with the following code in it −

Editing First Document step-1

Step 2 − Let us suppose that, in the given script you want to mention the starting and ending points of the loop, using simple statements. You can write the print statement wherever required, however, in Sublime Text editor you can simultaneously add comments and statements in two places with a shortcut of Ctrl+cursor point for Windows or Linux, and Cmd+cursor point for Mac. Then, you can see the cursor points as mentioned below −

Editing First Document step-2

Step 3 − Now, you can insert the print statements at both the locations of the mentioned cursor points, as shown in the image below.

Editing First Document step-3

Finding Occurrences

Sublime Text editor includes a feature to find the occurrences of the keywords included in the scripts. The shortcut key for finding occurrences of the keyword is Ctrl+D after highlighting the associated keyword.

Finding Occurrences

If you want to search for a keyword, say print from the given code, you can use Ctrl+D or Cmd+D to get the count of occurrences of the associated keyword.

Counting Occurrences

Appending Comments in Line

We can append comments at the end of line using the shortcut key Ctrl+Shift+L for Windows and Cmd+Shift+L for Mac operating system after selecting the code section where you actually need the comment.

Appending Comments in Line

Table of Contents
1.sublime text tutorial

2.sublime text introduction

3.sublime text installation

4.sublime text data directory

5.sublime text creating first document

6.sublime text editing first text document

7.sublime text patterns of code editing

8.sublime text sublime linter

9.sublime text shortcuts

10.sublime text snippets

11.sublime text macros

12.sublime text key bindings

13.sublime text column selection

14.sublime text indentation

15.sublime text base settings

16.sublime text theme management

17.sublime text understanding vintage mode

18.sublime text vintage commands

19.sublime text testing javascript

20.sublime text testing python code

21.sublime text spell check

22.sublime text packages

23.sublime text menus

24.sublime text sub menus of font

25.sublime text developing plugin

26.sublime text command palette

27.sublime text debugging php application

28.sublime text debugging javascript application

29.sublime text batch processing

30.sublime text distraction free mode

31.sublime text sublimecodeintel plugin

32.sublime text quick guide

33.sublime text useful resources

34.discuss sublime text

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