sublime text editing first text document

Base settings of the Sublime Text editor are the configuration needed for editor such as font size, display of line numbers or color scheme of the editor.

All the base settings are configured in JSON format. To view the list of settings, go to menu of Preferences -> Settings.

Base settings

Base settings2

The settings include two types of configurations namely −

  • Default
  • User

Default includes all the default configurations and user defines the customized settings for base settings.

For the scenario mentioned above, the customized settings are as mentioned below −

"font_size": 15,

Categories of Settings

Various categories of the settings in Sublime Text are as follows −

Editor Settings

These include the basic settings for editing the files of the code base. Examples include font_face, font_size and tab_size. The settings are present in the default configuration.

User Interface Settings

These include the general settings which specifically focus on background, theme and various color combinations. These settings are appended in the second section of the default configuration.

Application Behavior

These settings focus on behavior of the application included in Sublime Text editor across open windows. These settings are included in the third section of default configuration settings.

Syntax – Specific Settings

These settings are used for designing the syntax of Sublime Text editor. To get the list of syntax specific settings, the user needs to use option Preferences − Syntax-Specific.

Syntax Specific Settings

Syntax Specific Settings2

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