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There are various types of code editing and shortcut keys used in Sublime Text editor −

  • Splitting the selection into lines
  • Wrapping the complete paragraph in HTML file
  • Finding all occurrences

This chapter discusses each of them in detail.

Splitting the Selection into Lines

The key combination Ctrl+Shift+L allows you to select the blocks of lines and split them, on Windows. The screenshot given below explains this −

Splitting the Selection into Lines

Wrapping Complete Paragraph in HTML File

The key combination Alt+Shift+w for Windows and Cmd+Shift+w for Mac, allows the user to split the sections of code and create various paragraphs. It is referred as a wrap selection with html tag. This also allows you to include HTML tags using Sublime editor.

The screenshot given below explains wrapping text with a HTML tag −

Wrapping Complete Paragraph in HTML File

After wrapping the text, the text wrapped with a HTML tag will be seen as shown below −

After Wrapping the Text

Finding all Occurrences

The key pattern Ctrl+Shift+f allows you to find a keyword in a given project. The screenshot given below explains this −

Finding all Occurrences

The shortcut key opens a window with three options included in it, namely find, where and replace,


  • find refers to the search of the particular keyword,

  • where mentions the section as to which repository is searched, and

  • replace mentions the keyword which is replaced instead of find keyword.

Table of Contents
1.sublime text tutorial

2.sublime text introduction

3.sublime text installation

4.sublime text data directory

5.sublime text creating first document

6.sublime text editing first text document

7.sublime text patterns of code editing

8.sublime text sublime linter

9.sublime text shortcuts

10.sublime text snippets

11.sublime text macros

12.sublime text key bindings

13.sublime text column selection

14.sublime text indentation

15.sublime text base settings

16.sublime text theme management

17.sublime text understanding vintage mode

18.sublime text vintage commands

19.sublime text testing javascript

20.sublime text testing python code

21.sublime text spell check

22.sublime text packages

23.sublime text menus

24.sublime text sub menus of font

25.sublime text developing plugin

26.sublime text command palette

27.sublime text debugging php application

28.sublime text debugging javascript application

29.sublime text batch processing

30.sublime text distraction free mode

31.sublime text sublimecodeintel plugin

32.sublime text quick guide

33.sublime text useful resources

34.discuss sublime text

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