zookeeper fundamentals

ZooKeeper is a distributed co-ordination service to manage large set of hosts. Co-ordinating and managing a service in a distributed environment is a complicated process. ZooKeeper solves this issue with its simple architecture and API. ZooKeeper allows developers to focus on core application logic without worrying about the distributed nature of the application.

The ZooKeeper framework was originally built at “Yahoo!” for accessing their applications in an easy and robust manner. Later, Apache ZooKeeper became a standard for organized service used by Hadoop, HBase, and other distributed frameworks. For example, Apache HBase uses ZooKeeper to track the status of distributed data. This tutorial explains the basics of ZooKeeper, how to install and deploy a ZooKeeper cluster in a distributed environment, and finally concludes with a few examples using Java programming and sample applications.

Table of Contents
1.zookeeper tutorial

2.zookeeper overview

3.zookeeper fundamentals

4.zookeeper workflow

5.zookeeper leader election

6.zookeeper installation

7.zookeeper cli

8.zookeeper api

9.zookeeper applications

10.zookeeper quick guide

11.zookeeper useful resources

12.discuss zookeeper

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